At MAC Instruments, we have been manufacturing the best in industrial instruments since 1990. Located in Sandusky, OH, we are global industry leaders in the field of high-temperature moisture measurement instruments. Many different companies have come to rely on our products because they are easy to install, highly sensitive and stable, and provide instant, reliable results. We serve a wide range of business sectors, including power generation, cement, oil & gas, and more.

We are proud of all the products we manufacture, which include moisture analyzers, steam flow meters, and steam flow transmitters. Here, we focus on our steam flow meters and share everything you need to know about these efficient and accurate instruments.

About Our Steam Flow Meters

Our rugged and reliable steam flow meters are made to function as in-line devices that can operate in any flow direction. Steam pressure is converted to velocity as it is forced through a narrowing outlet, known as the throat. That velocity increases until it reaches the maximum speed, which is sonic flow, or the speed of sound. This requires a small drop in pressure across the nozzle, making steam flow meters ideal for operations that vent steam to the atmosphere or open tank. The flow rate is controlled by throttling just before the inlet of the meter.

The meters are mechanical in operation, with no moving parts that are susceptible to breaking. The mass flow rate of steam is clearly displayed on a calibrated panel gauge that shows pounds per hour and kilograms per hour of pressure.

These instruments are used in a variety of applications, including

  • Atmospheric blanchers
  • Steam injection to process ovens
  • Steam eductors
  • Sparging tanks
  • Any applications where steam is exhausted through a nozzle or manifold to a lower pressure

What Is Steam Flow Rate?

Steam flow rate is the rate at which steam is flowing through a pipe, measured in pounds or kilograms per hour.

MAC Instruments for Accurate Steam & Moisture Measurement

Steam flow meters are an essential part of many industrial processes. They are precisely engineered to function with the unique qualities of steam, providing dependable data in a wide range of applications. As different manufacturers strive to improve efficiency, steam flow measurement only becomes more necessary.

At MAC Instruments, we are proud to be industry leaders in the production of high-quality industrial instruments, including steam flow meters. For more information about our products, contact us or use our online form to request a quote today.


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