Moisture Analyzer for Moisture Monitoring in Power Plants

Over the years, the Mac Instruments team has provided MAC 155 Moisture Analyzers for several power plants, helping to ensure optimal moisture levels during critical operations.

The case study below explores a specific project we handled for this sector and delves into the details of our moisture monitoring capabilities.

Project Goal: Monitor Moisture Levels in Power Plants to Ensure EPA Compliance

Can Mac Instruments help the American power industry reach strict U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance standards? This question first arose when one of the industry’s leading figures approached us for help in monitoring their plant moisture levels.

We knew right away that our MAC 155 Moisture Analyzer could get the job done. Used in industrial operations worldwide for continuous monitoring of stack emission gases, the unique, high-quality components included in this model — such as its humidity probe and humidity transmitter — allow for unmatched reliability and intuitive ease of use.

Using this moisture analyzer in the client’s power plants would allow for simplified, safer processes, ensuring compliance with strict U.S. EPA regulations.

Project Details

For this job, Mac Instruments provided moisture analyzers to several power plants in the Phoenix area. The MAC 155 was originally developed for oil and gas smokestacks, but nothing needed to be changed for use in power plants.

An essential part of this project was meeting the Protection of Environment regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Two aspects were of critical importance: part 60, regarding Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources, and part 75, regarding Continuous Emission Monitoring.

The Installation Process

When dealing with moisture monitoring jobs, third parties are typically involved to put together packages for different monitors. This is standard in the power industry, but it was not the best practice in this case.

For this project, the end user themselves purchased and installed the equipment we provided: four MAC 155 Moisture Analyzer units for use in multiple power plants.

Advantages Over the Competition

But how does the MAC 155 compare to other moisture monitoring systems for power plant applications? First, Mac Instruments devices measure moisture levels directly, unlike competitors’ equipment that only measures the amount of oxygen in the air to determine the moisture level. Our unique design allows for higher accuracy and reliability in even the most demanding applications.

The MAC 155 humidity transmitter also features a unique in-built calibration system. This allows for daily two-point, in-situ calibration and system checks, and facilitates adherence to U.S. EPA regulations and local mandates pertaining to exhaust stack installations.

The client was very pleased with these unique features, and has seen great success using the MAC 155, which has allowed for easy compliance with federal regulations and enhanced workplace efficiency.

Learn More

MAC 155 moisture analyzers are built to order and have a typical lead time of two to three weeks. If you’re interested in learning more about this project or other past work, contact the team today.