No matter what manufacturing methods your company uses, a certain amount of moisture buildup is inevitable. Whether it is the result of the manufacturing process itself or a mix of environmental factors, trace amounts of water vapor and moisture can wreak havoc on select products if left unchecked.


To ensure the integrity of certain products, it is necessary to implement a drying process. Some drying applications utilize hot air to remove moisture from products. While effective, this drying technique can lead to damage, as high levels of moisture and heat can cause an increased risk of mold and cause corrosion within machinery.

A moisture analyzer is a critical piece of equipment that can help you gauge the true level of moisture in your product and address the situation with the correct product drying process. Moisture analyzers help your company save time, and more importantly money, by reducing potential damage to your products.

Product Drying

Many industries, especially those working with vulnerable products, rely on product drying to protect against the negative effects caused by moisture. These industries include:


Moisture can have a profound effect on both paper and corrugated cardboard products. It is essential to monitor moisture levels, especially in raw materials, to ensure a quality finished product. Traditional monitoring methods are time-restrictive, sometimes taking hours to complete. An industrial moisture analyzer is capable of near-instant readings, restoring effective workflow to your factory, mill, or processing center.

Food and Seeds

For commercial food products, the end result is determined by the quality of the raw ingredients used. Raw ingredients from the supplier often contain extra water as they are shipped by weight or sometimes unrefined. It is at this stage where a moisture analyzer is most critical. An industrial moisture analyzer can help you determine the best product drying method to create a high-quality end product.

Seeds experience a similar level of risk for moisture damage. A moisture-laden product may not germinate. It might even cause the product to deteriorate before it gets to market. An industrial moisture analyzer can help combat the effect by providing a near-instant infrared image, ensuring the integrity of the product.

Gypsum Board and Drywall

Drywall and gypsum board are both construction materials that are used in homes and offices worldwide. Moisture from water damage post-installation, or accrued in pre-production, can severely impact the integrity of the building material. Not only can it weaken the structure’s wall, but it can promote the growth of hazardous molds. An industrial moisture analyzer can help gauge the level of moisture present so that acceptable product drying can take place.

Metal Parts

Annealing is a metalworking process used to increase the ductility of a metal so it can be further shaped. It essentially reduces the brittleness of the metal, making it harder to break during subsequent formations. The initial stage of annealing uses a furnace to raise the metal’s temperature, making it workable. Because industrial metalworking is a precision process, the environment in the furnace must be tightly controlled. Industrial moisture analyzers are critical to ensuring the integrity of the metal at this stage in processing.


MAC Instruments’ Capabilities

MAC Instruments specializes in moisture monitoring solutions, and we offer a full line of industrial moisture analyzers to suit your business’s needs no matter the size and scope of your operation. Our MAC 125 moisture analyzer is a unique, industry-leading product that does not use chemicals or compressed air, providing you with accurate readings in the most extreme manufacturing conditions. Our MAC 155 is an industrial-grade moisture analyzer used for continuous stack monitoring. No matter what your moisture monitoring needs are, MAC Instruments has a solution for you.


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