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This Analyzer is typically used to control the flow of steam into the cooking atmosphere in order to maintain correct moisture levels for maximum product yield and minimum cooking time. The increase in yield can quickly pay for the MAC116. In many installations, savings are also realized by a decrease in the amount of steam used. The MAC116 can also be used in the drying and pasteurizing of food products Specifically designed for use on continuous conveyor ovens that are used to cook meat and poultry, the MAC116 has been in use in the food industry since 2011. The MAC116 is successfully operating in a large number of cooking installations in many countries throughout the world. The rugged design of the MAC116 allows wash down with the harsh chemicals that are used in sanitizing operations. The MAC116 incorporates a stainless steel enclosure that mounts to the oven using industry standard sanitary ferrules, a gasket, and a clamp. The stainless steel probe barrel is fully welded to ensure a sanitary installation. The sampling port of the MAC116 projects through the oven wall where it samples the cooking atmosphere and measures its absolute moisture content in terms of % water vapor by volume. A built in purge system allows the MAC116 to remain in place during clean in place (CIP) operations. The MAC116 is powered from a remote 24 volt DC power source in order to provide maximum safety in wet locations.

  • NEMA 4X / IP66 Waterproof Design
    Withstands harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Stainless steel enclosure and probe
    Continuous welds for sanitary installation
  • Mounts with standard sanitary fittings
    Standard 2 inch clamp
  • Purging for CIP process*
    Keeps harsh cleaning chemicals out
  • Standard Signal Outputs
    Jumper selectable 0-20MA (0 to 5V with 250 Load) 4-20MA (1 to 5V with 250 Load)
  • Internal display and pushbuttons for diagnostics
    Signal output can be forced in order to test downstream equipment
  • 24v DC powered for maximum safety
    Eliminates shock hazard in wet areas

MAC116 Moisture Analyzer


MAC116 Moisture Analyzer diagramWIRING DIAGRAM




% Moisture By Volume

0 to 100%
0 to 60%
0 to 30%
0 to 20%

g/m3 @STP



  • Process Temperature
    • Up to 700°F(370°C)
  • Ambient Temperature Rang
    • 40°F(4°C) to 130°F(55°C)
  • Pressure Rang
    • Atmosphere +/– 5 PSI(35kP)
  • Accuracy
    • % of %M? Full Scale
  • Linearit
    • +/– 1 of % of MV Full Scale
  • Hysteresis
    • +/– 1 of % of MV Full Scale
  • Response Time
    • 120 Seconds or less to reach 90% of final value
  • Analog Output
    • -20mA,0-20mA (User Selectable)
  • Power Requirements
    • 24v DC, 2A maximum