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What Is NIST Traceability? | NIST-Traceable Moisture Analyzers

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NIST traceability allows laboratories and manufacturers to calibrate measuring equipment to a nationally recognized reference standard. Moisture analyzers with NIST-traceable calibration ensure consistent production and testing results across all production cycles.

This blog will explore what NIST traceability is and the requirements to meet NIST-traceable standards. You’ll learn how NIST traceability can benefit your manufacturing operation, as well as our recommended NIST-traceable moisture analyzers. See how they can improve product quality and consistency while reducing equipment wear in your manufacturing environment.


All You Need to Know About NIST Traceability

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is an organization that maintains national standards for measurement and calibration. A NIST-certified lab or manufacturer has the ability to calibrate equipment to NIST standards. NIST-traceable calibration indicates that the calibration certificate’s measurement results are traceable to NIST mass standards. NIST traceability applies only to the calibration of equipment, not the equipment itself.

The following requirements establish a measurement as NIST-traceable:

  • A clear definition of what is being measured.
  • A description of the working standards used for the measurement.
  • A statement of the measurement results.
  • Documentation of 1) the reference standards used for comparison, and 2) the last time the reference standards were calibrated.
  • A description of the internal program used to maintain the traceability and integrity of the working standards.

NIST-Traceable Direct Moisture Level Measurement From MAC Instruments

At MAC Instruments, our moisture measurement instruments offer NIST-traceable measurement of direct moisture levels to help users remain in compliance with emission monitoring requirements. Using our patented technology, our MAC 116, 125, and 155 moisture analyzers deliver reliable and NIST-traceable measurements of direct moisture levels.

NIST-traceable measurements of direct moisture levels are critical to industrial applications. MAC moisture analyzers ensure consistent and accurate results by measuring moisture content in gases, liquids, and solids. Unmonitored moisture can result in inaccurate test results, lower-quality products, inconsistent product quality, equipment wear and damage, and increased energy consumption.

We offer the following NIST-traceable direct moisture level measurement instruments:

  • MAC 125: This is our most advanced model of absolute humidity meters. The MAC 125 provides in-situ measurement at a wide range of extreme temperatures using our proprietary solid-state humidity measurement technology. The meter provides accurate measurements in applications like dryers, ovens, calciners, furnaces, and stacks.
  • MAC 116: The MAC 116 meter measures steam flow in cooking environments for food and beverage processes, helping operators maintain proper moisture levels for minimum cooking time and maximum product yield. Its built-in purge system enables it to stay in place during sanitization. In addition to cooking, the MAC 116 is ideal for pasteurization and drying applications.
  • MAC 155: This meter offers two-point calibration for daily in-situ calibration tasks. It can provide 24/7 monitoring of stack emissions and, with added accessories, can withstand extreme temperatures up to 2400 °F.


Contact Our Experts for Premium Moisture Measurement Instruments

NIST-traceable standards allow laboratories and manufacturers to calibrate and measure with consistent and accurate references. Calibrations must meet specific NIST requirements to be considered NIST-traceable. Direct moisture level measurement instruments with NIST-traceable calibration ensure consistent moisture level monitoring to ensure the environment is conducive to high-quality manufacturing, reliable testing, and high-efficiency manufacturing equipment.

MAC Instruments manufactures direct moisture level analyzers capable of NIST-traceable calibrations. Our products include the MAC 125, 116, and 155. Since 1990, MAC Instruments has been delivering high-quality measuring instruments to various industries, including oil and gas, power generation, and food and beverage. Our products offer reliable, quick, and accurate measurements in high-temperature conditions and various humidity levels. 

Contact us or request a quote to learn more about our NIST-traceable moisture analyzers and other products.