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Moisture Analyzers for Emission Monitoring

As we become more aware of the environmental impact of industrial operations, governments and regulatory organizations around the world continue to establish increasingly stringent emissions requirements. In order to ensure compliance with the latest emissions standards, most industrial facilities employ emissions monitoring systems with moisture analyzers to observe and modify pollutant concentration in their emissions. Industrial emission monitoring systems are typically engineered in two designs: continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) and predictive emission monitoring systems (PEMS).

CEMS provide ongoing monitoring of gases and particles being expelled by an industrial system. They compile and analyze emissions data to ensure that pollution levels fall below regulatory limitations. PEMS uses computerized software to analyze the cause of combustion inefficiency and improve overall processes. PEMS are less expensive than CEMS and easier to configure; however, each system offers unique benefits for different industrial systems and regulations.

Analyzing Process Gases

Moisture analyzers are used in a variety of industrial processes for detection and mitigation of gases and particle pollutants, including:

  • Coal Mining: Methane is a harmful greenhouse gas that is frequently released into the atmosphere during coal mining operations. In order to reduce these methane emissions and comply with environmental regulations, emission monitoring equipment is used to verify methane levels and adjust operations accordingly.
  • Waste Management: Waste incineration performed at landfills can release harmful gases and particles into the air. Moisture analyzers in emission monitoring equipment help to accurately measure potential pollutants in order to ensure optimal filtration operations.
  • Ethanol Refining and Distilling: Harmful greenhouse gases are released during processes for refining and distilling ethanol. To comply with emissions standards, emissions monitoring systems equipped with moisture analyzers offer accurate emissions analyses to facilitate adequate mitigation.

Analyzing Heated Gases

Moisture analyzers are also used in a variety of heated industrial processes, including:

  • Flue Gases: Monitoring gases as they pass through the industrial stack‘s exhaust flue helps to ensure that exhaust systems are operating with optimal efficiency to keep emissions within designated limits.
  • Steam Generators: Steam generators create energy by burning fuel in the presence of oxygen. The nitrogen oxide emissions released by these systems can be significantly reduced through the use of dedicated emissions monitoring equipment.
  • Process Heaters: Process heaters in refineries are increasingly using less expensive fuels that create higher levels of pollution. This makes monitors with moisture analysis especially critical to maintaining appropriate emission levels.
  • Oxygen Furnaces: Oxygen furnaces are typically used to heat steel to high temperatures for manufacturing purposes. Unchecked, these furnaces can release significant amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Accurate emissions monitoring with the use of moisture analyzers allows manufacturers to reduce these emissions to safer levels in accordance with regulatory standards.

MAC Instruments’ Capabilities

At MAC Instruments, we are dedicated to providing high performance moisture analyzers for both PEMS and CEMS in a wide variety of industrial settings. With more than 30 years of experience producing precision instruments, we have the knowledge necessary to ensure that your industrial system operates with the highest level of efficiency while meeting industry and government emissions guidelines. Our Mac 125 and Mac 155 moisture analyzers feature state-of-the-art technology and can be tailored to meet the particular needs of your application. To learn more about our selection of moisture analyzers for industrial operations, request a quote today.

Product Spotlight: Steam Flow Meters

At MAC Instruments, we have been manufacturing the best in industrial instruments since 1990. Located in Sandusky, OH, we are global industry leaders in the field of high-temperature moisture measurement instruments. Many different companies have come to rely on our products because they are easy to install, highly sensitive and stable, and provide instant, reliable results. We serve a wide range of business sectors, including power generation, cement, oil & gas, and more.

We are proud of all the products we manufacture, which include moisture analyzers, steam flow meters, and steam flow transmitters. Here, we focus on our steam flow meters and share everything you need to know about these efficient and accurate instruments.

About Our Steam Flow Meters

Our rugged and reliable steam flow meters are made to function as in-line devices that can operate in any flow direction. Steam pressure is converted to velocity as it is forced through a narrowing outlet, known as the throat. That velocity increases until it reaches the maximum speed, which is sonic flow, or the speed of sound. This requires a small drop in pressure across the nozzle, making steam flow meters ideal for operations that vent steam to the atmosphere or open tank. The flow rate is controlled by throttling just before the inlet of the meter.

The meters are mechanical in operation, with no moving parts that are susceptible to breaking. The mass flow rate of steam is clearly displayed on a calibrated panel gauge that shows pounds per hour and kilograms per hour of pressure.

These instruments are used in a variety of applications, including

  • Atmospheric blanchers
  • Steam injection to process ovens
  • Steam eductors
  • Sparging tanks
  • Any applications where steam is exhausted through a nozzle or manifold to a lower pressure

What Is Steam Flow Rate?

Steam flow rate is the rate at which steam is flowing through a pipe, measured in pounds or kilograms per hour.

MAC Instruments for Accurate Steam & Moisture Measurement

Steam flow meters are an essential part of many industrial processes. They are precisely engineered to function with the unique qualities of steam, providing dependable data in a wide range of applications. As different manufacturers strive to improve efficiency, steam flow measurement only becomes more necessary.

At MAC Instruments, we are proud to be industry leaders in the production of high-quality industrial instruments, including steam flow meters. For more information about our products, contact us or use our online form to request a quote today.


Accurate and Responsive Humidity Probes by MAC Instruments

Since 1990, MAC Instruments have been manufacturing industrial moisture measurement instruments. With a MAC Instruments moisture analyzer one can instantly measure absolute humidity in the most demanding high-temperature conditions. MAC’s moisture analyzer range renders all the necessary data through a simple, clear interface. All our products are used in several high-temperature humidity measurement applications at different installations across the world.

The Efficient Features of MAC 155 Humidity Probe

MAC155 is implemented in worldwide industrial operations for 24/7 monitoring of stack emission gases. It is designed and built for measuring humidity found in exhaust gases in temperature ranges up to 1200°F. Our MAC155 moisture/humidity probe is core-compliant with US EPA regulations. This device strengthens your process safety and makes it user-friendly as it consists of several high-end components like humidity transmitter and probe. Moreover, it is also protected by a sintered filter element made up of a 10 micron ceramic element that can be conveniently cleaned and replaced without any hassle.

MAC155 has plenty of features and characteristics. You can find more information on our website.

Furthermore, we also provide a range of special accessories to extend the use of our probes in temperature ranges up to 2400°F. All the probes we offer are exceedingly sensitive to water humidity/vapor. They do not depend on any optics, chemicals, wet bulb, mirrors, or compressed air to calculate readings. All our products are highly responsive to the partial pressure of water humidity/vapor enabling instantaneous readings. Please visit us at for any further concerns or assistance. Also drop us an email at moc.stnemurtsnicam@ofni or speak with our MAC representative at 419.621.2322.

MAC Instruments Offers Industrial Compliant Moisture Measurement Equipments

MAC Instruments is the leading manufacturer of steam flow meters, transmitters, and industrial moisture analyzers in the industry. We mainly manufacture these high-end products to serve high-temperature industrial applications. Our entire range of analyzers provides all the data you need through a simple and clear interface. Our moisture measurement instruments offer NIST-traceable direct moisture level measurement that helps you meet with emission monitoring needs.

Moreover, MAC moisture analyzersintroduce high performance that helps you to take an advanced scientific and result-driven approach towards understanding humidity levels in your industrial process.Since 1990, we have been in this industry, and are producing moisture measurement devices to serve every industrial sector with our moisture controlling products. All of our devices easily enable you to immediately measure absolute humidity in the most unfavorable conditions.

Pivotal Features of MAC Moisture Instruments

All MAC moisture measurement instruments and products that we offer are unlike any other products available on the market. And the aspects that distinguishus from the rest are the techniques and methods we use in order to manufacture moisture control equipments. Wedo notuse chemicals, optics, or compressed air to measure moisture, or any wet bulb techniques. Alternately, MAC products integrate a proprietary sensor that offers consistent accurate readings and performance even during adverse climatic conditions or highly variable humidity conditions. MAC Instruments uses high-quality materials in all of our products to ensure that our customers receive error-free results on every use.

The presence of moisture is inevitable in our surroundings, and this particular aspect can build immense negative impact on various process efficiencies. In that case, MAC Instruments has emerged as the most trusted source for moisture control activities.

You may drop us a line at moc.stnemurtsnicam@ofni or simply visit our website for more detailed information. Also, if you want to directly get in touch with our MAC representative, call us at 419.621.2322.