MAC Instruments is the leading manufacturer of steam flow meters, transmitters, and industrial moisture analyzers in the industry. We mainly manufacture these high-end products to serve high-temperature industrial applications. Our entire range of analyzers provides all the data you need through a simple and clear interface. Our moisture measurement instruments offer NIST-traceable direct moisture level measurement that helps you meet with emission monitoring needs.

Moreover, MAC moisture analyzersintroduce high performance that helps you to take an advanced scientific and result-driven approach towards understanding humidity levels in your industrial process.Since 1990, we have been in this industry, and are producing moisture measurement devices to serve every industrial sector with our moisture controlling products. All of our devices easily enable you to immediately measure absolute humidity in the most unfavorable conditions.

Pivotal Features of MAC Moisture Instruments

All MAC moisture measurement instruments and products that we offer are unlike any other products available on the market. And the aspects that distinguishus from the rest are the techniques and methods we use in order to manufacture moisture control equipments. Wedo notuse chemicals, optics, or compressed air to measure moisture, or any wet bulb techniques. Alternately, MAC products integrate a proprietary sensor that offers consistent accurate readings and performance even during adverse climatic conditions or highly variable humidity conditions. MAC Instruments uses high-quality materials in all of our products to ensure that our customers receive error-free results on every use.

The presence of moisture is inevitable in our surroundings, and this particular aspect can build immense negative impact on various process efficiencies. In that case, MAC Instruments has emerged as the most trusted source for moisture control activities.

You may drop us a line at moc.stnemurtsnicam@ofni or simply visit our website for more detailed information. Also, if you want to directly get in touch with our MAC representative, call us at 419.621.2322.

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