Since 1990, MAC Instruments have been manufacturing industrial moisture measurement instruments. With a MAC Instruments moisture analyzer one can instantly measure absolute humidity in the most demanding high-temperature conditions. MAC’s moisture analyzer range renders all the necessary data through a simple, clear interface. All our products are used in several high-temperature humidity measurement applications at different installations across the world.

The Efficient Features of MAC 155 Humidity Probe

MAC155 is implemented in worldwide industrial operations for 24/7 monitoring of stack emission gases. It is designed and built for measuring humidity found in exhaust gases in temperature ranges up to 1200°F. Our MAC155 moisture/humidity probe is core-compliant with US EPA regulations. This device strengthens your process safety and makes it user-friendly as it consists of several high-end components like humidity transmitter and probe. Moreover, it is also protected by a sintered filter element made up of a 10 micron ceramic element that can be conveniently cleaned and replaced without any hassle.

MAC155 has plenty of features and characteristics. You can find more information on our website.

Furthermore, we also provide a range of special accessories to extend the use of our probes in temperature ranges up to 2400°F. All the probes we offer are exceedingly sensitive to water humidity/vapor. They do not depend on any optics, chemicals, wet bulb, mirrors, or compressed air to calculate readings. All our products are highly responsive to the partial pressure of water humidity/vapor enabling instantaneous readings. Please visit us at for any further concerns or assistance. Also drop us an email at moc.stnemurtsnicam@ofni or speak with our MAC representative at 419.621.2322.

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